How Proper Website Maintenance Will Increase Your Profits

Efficient Website Maintenance is an investment.

For a website to perform at maximum efficiency and profitability it needs to be regularly monitored, maintained and updated. Just like a car needs regular servicing, your website depends on ongoing maintenance to ensure it is always ready to deliver a great user experience to your visitors and generate maximum leads and sales for your business.

How Much Is A Poorly Maintained Website Costing You?

Your website is an asset that can be a great revenue driver for your business. But far too many business owners follow the “Set and Forget” model, believing that once they build a great website people will continue to flock there to buy their goods and services. When this doesn’t happen they often say that “websites don’t work” or, “their customers aren’t looking for them online”.

This simply isn’t true.

To enjoy the full benefits and potential revenue a great website can deliver you must consistently check to ensure that everything is working as it should. When something isn’t working or your website is loading slow or a link is broken it costs your business money every single day.

If left unrepaired these losses can quickly add up.

The Many Benefits Of A Well Maintained Website

Having a professional to maintain your website on a monthly basis is an investment that delivers many benefits to you and your business.

It allows you to focus on your business knowing that…

  • Your site is up to date with the latest plugins
  • All files are regularly backed up to avoid any catastrophic losses
  • The website loads fast and delivers a great user experience
  • Any design changes, images or new content you want to add actually gets done and gets done properly
  • There are no errors, broken links or security issues that you are unaware of

In the competitive online world consumers have too many options and will not return to a website that does not provide a seamless, simple and intuitive user experience. You must have a well maintained website to remain competitive.

How Do Maintenance Companies Work

At WP Care Pro we make it easy and affordable for our customers to enjoy the peace of mind of around the clock maintenance and monitoring of their website.

In our routine updates we ensure all files are backed-up, then make sure all plugins and security features are up to date. We then test to see if any issues where encountered during the update.

If an issue is found we use special software to identify which plugins/updates caused the issue so we can find a workaround that fixes any problems.

We then conduct regular performance and security scans and deliver easy to understand reports so you’re always on the pulse of what is happening with your website without having to waste any of your valuable time to make sure everything is working as it should.

If any issues are encountered during our regular maintenance a support ticket is created and our team carry out the needed work to fix the problems before you even know they existed.

Why Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

This is a question we often hear from new website owners. And the honest answer is how much time will you waste maintaining your website yourself and do you have the skills and experience to identify and fix any issues you encounter?

Also will you do all the back-ups correctly in case a new plugin update causes havoc with your websites functionality.

With maintenance plans starting from just $99/month, which gives you access to team of specialist and around the clock maintenance and monitoring of your site is it really worth doing it yourself?

Prevention Is Better (Cheaper) Than Cure

Without regular maintenance it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong with your website.

When this happens you’ll have two options.

  1. Fix it yourself and hope you don’t do any more damage
  2. Pay an experienced website specialist to fix it

And depending on what is actually wrong with your website, option number 2 can become very costly for you and your business, especially when you consider the customers you are losing everyday while your website is being repaired.

Just like with your car, your health and even your home. Prevention is always better than cure.

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