Content Management: Blog Post Topic Suggestions

A successful blog starts with an idea

In writing a blog, you normally start by coming up with blog post topic suggestions to write on. Then, you do all the required research, maximizing the blog’s SEO potential. After which, you publish and share the article across many social media platforms.

However, once it is published and is already accessible online. You ask yourself important questions for Content Management for Blogs like “What will I write tomorrow? How about next week? Or next month?” The next question is how you can think of blog post topic suggestions and create fresh and relevant blog articles for your target audiences.

HubSpot’s latest data reveals that the more regularly an agency writes regular Good Blog Topics, the greater inbound traffic they gain despite the size of its company. The B2B as well as B2C agencies gain a traffic increase the more often they publish an article.

Knowing What to write on blogs is essentially the first step to creating a blog post.

You can use several tools to brainstorm blog post topic suggestions. Although quite helpful, auto-generated titles oftentimes do not make sense. The following are several questions that will help you come up with new topics and publish brand new ideas:

Tip #1: What are your interests?

Write a blog about the things that interest you such as sports, music, movies, travelling, cooking, etc. Tie it back to the service or product you are promoting. For writers who love sports and movies for example, you may already be watching the latest theatre releases of movies, purchasing a DVD on the same day of its release, watching SportsCenter every night to get your daily sports fix, and tuning in to sports radio regularly.

The question is how can you incorporate the agency’s niche and talk about your passions at the same time.

For example, a writer who has passion in football can write blog topics for a company that offers a customized and user-friendly landing page builder; each article using a certain type of sports language and tie it to building and optimizing the company’s landing page. Incorporating football elements in your article relates the two seemingly isolated topics. This will further increases its odds of being shared on different social media platforms.

Tip #2: Refer to the Calendar

One of the most popular blog post topic suggestions technique is to refer to your yearly calendar. This will assist you with relating the events to the product you are promoting.

The thing with writing about events that normally occur at a certain time every year as Suggested Blog Topics, you need to publish the article before or even during the event. Writing it beforehand gives people the time to discover it and then be able to act on it prior to or during the actual event.

Holidays and other occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, etc. are great events to write a blog. This is because they are topics that a lot of people can relate to. With these as topics, you get endless opportunities to integrate your company’s product.

Tip #3: Social Media Mentions and Blog Comments for Blog Post Topic Suggestions

Your current customers might be subscribed to your blog. However, you should always look out for prospects. Your blog is one great way to reach out to them and to let them be familiar with you.

If your prospective clients see that you are providing useful tips through your blog, they would see value on you. When your articles make their work a little easier, helping them to sell more, or save their company some money, they will surely develop trust with you. You may reciprocate their trust and manifest it through your posts and blog comments.

This one is a great example of lasting trust with your readers through your blog posts. According to Groove, you need to communicate with your customers through your article. Moreover. try to provide solution to their problems. As we develop deeper relationships with them, we increase their desire to do more business with us.

As an example, if you have a blog about landscaping and one of the readers ask which variety of grass works best for his land in Florida, You may see a great opportunity here. Instead of answering it in one or two paragraphs, you may create a full article that explains the most suitable types of grass to plant for each particular climate.

Another blog post topic suggestions example is when you have a blog that delves a great deal on photography. Twitter follower asks you which camera setting works the most excellent in capturing the sunset. You may write something that provides substantial details regarding the top camera settings. You may also throw in some added information. In this case, you may add the top locations around where they can capture the sun perfectly.

Getting down to well-researched topic

If you fail to brainstorm for new blog post topic suggestions, publishing a compelling content will be an on-going struggle. The tips provided above may be insufficient to completely fill your calendar with content topics. Definitely, it is a good start. Perhaps, as you go, you may even develop your own habit for brainstorming topics.

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